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sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

The Feminist Initiative Pavillion. Stockholm, Malmö y Gothenburg. Suecia. Por Antman Gorsetman Architects

"...during an election year in Sweden, public squares are filled with temporary bases to display the political parties. Although only temporary structures, these “huts” play a vital role in the political networking system of the country. Such structures allow the politicians to meet and interact with the voters, answer any political questions and spread information, or even debate with those in neighbouring huts with different political ideas. “In the best case, such a structure is a manifestation of a parties’ political identity and priorities. It is therefore ironic that campaign-structures are similar, independent of what party they represent,” explained Antman Gorsetman Architects. In an effort to redesign the huts and allow each structure to embody their individual parties’ ideals, Antman Gorsetman Architects approached the political parties during the election year of 2006. The FI Party, the Feminist Initiative, was campaigning for the first time and decided to work with the architects to solidify their image in the public squares..."

Extracto de la reseña publicada por Arch Daily

Vía: Arch Daily
Estudio: Antman Gorsetman Architects

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