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domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2008

Green New York Tower. Por Daniel Libeskind.

...the latest towering building planned to grace the new york city skyline is one madison avenue by architect daniel libeskind. the 54-story condo building stands out from the crowd of glass towers by incorporating a series of ‘sky gardens’ at different parts of the building. the green spaces would be enclosed in cylindrical glass tubes at the centre of the building and cut-aways in the face would open them up to the outside. the openings also provide the condominiums in that part of the tower with balconies...
Via: DesignBoom
Estudio: Daniel Libeskind

Curiosamente lo que más me gusta es su caracter parásito. Crece sobre la cubierta de un edificio existente, levantandose sobre él, extraño y audaz, pero no ajeno...

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