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jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2015

Neudorf Sports hall

The Neudorf area of Strasbourg is undergoing a major programme of redevelopment to fill the void that currently separates the city centre from its southern neighbourhoods. Vía:

Cultural Center La Gota - Tobacco Museum / Losada García

From the architect. Cultural Center La Gota is a hybrid building for exhibition spaces that aims to create a new focus of urban centrality in Navalmoral (Cáceres), showcasing the identity of the town. Vía:

Farmhouse Lennik / Studio Farris Architects

From the architect. Studio Farris Architects was commissioned to convert the complex of house and stables of an 18th century farm located in Lennik, a small town in an agricultural area close to Brussels, into a single family house. Vía:

Vietnamese Food Pavilion / MIA Design Studio

From the architect. A space which is conceptualized by MIA Design Studio, bases on Vietnamese traditional folk house to replicate its proportions and dimensions, is transparent and interactive with its surrounding environment. “It is open but close, close but open” Vía:

emmanuelle moureaux presents furla S/S'16 underneath colored canopies

emmanuelle moureaux displays furla’s S/S’16 collection underneath colored tree canopies all images by daisuke shima / nacasa & partners  architect emmanuelle moureaux and furla have continued their collaboration with the presentation of the fashion house’s 2016 spring summer collection h Vía:

Timber fins pattern the ceiling of Ghent extension by Atelier Vens Vanbelle

Columns and struts modelled on tree trunks and branches frame this extension to a home in Ghent, designed by Atelier Vens Vanbelle to feel like a continuation of the garden. Vía: